Meekathara Gold Opportunity


Price: P 51/3296 - $19,997

P 51/3297 - $19,997

Granted Mining Tenement P 51/3296 is 199.8HA & P 51/3267 is 199.9HA

Multiple historic gold shafts on each lease

Strong greenstone presence on the lease

Faults/shears running through the tenements

Large lease size which gives you heaps of opportunity

The current Prospecting Licences P 51/3296 & P 51/3297 are located 6km’s north west of the town site of Meekatharra and are easily accessible by roads and tracks.

The leases are located on the very prospective Youanmi Greenstone belt which is contained between two shear zones that host gold mineralisation.

This area hosts a large number of gold deposits and operating and abandoned gold workings up and down the strike of this rock and structural package. The lease contains two shear zones striking NE-SW through the lease, and is on the contact of the greenstone rocks and on the contact with the granites, the prospective greenstone belt strikes NE-SW. There are multiple abandoned historical shafts that were used for gold mining. The shaft is located on an outcropping hydrothermal NE trending sub-vertical shear zone, which has quartz sulphide gold mineralisation.

The lease contains a substantial amount of greenstone and a contact with granites and the shear zones; this is confirmed by 100k geological mapping and geophysical magnetic imagery data.

Lease has been fully granted and is live so you don’t need to worry about any of the legal stuff, including native title and application issues so you can get straight onto your own ground and get started.

Newly granted so has 4 years left on the lease, with the ability to apply for 4 more years. Giving you lots of time to explore the whole area

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