Mount Magnet Gold Opportunity


Price: $11,997 each

Granted Mining Tenement P 58/1951 is 198HA, P 58/1952 is 198HA & P 58/1953 is 197HA

Remarkable Magnetic Anomaly: An indicator of potential mineral deposits.

Rich Geological Diversity: The presence of abundant quartz floats with sub-cropping quartz veins and volcanic rocks.

Significant Size: Offers abundant prospecting opportunities.

The current Prospecting Licenses P 58/1951 to 1953 tenements are situated within the Mount Magnet District of the Murchison Mineral Field, a well-known mining region renowned for its significant gold mineralization and rich mining history. The leases are located within the Shire of Mount Magnet in the Mid-West Region, approximately 55 road km SE of Mount Magnet town, 390 road km east of the Geraldton port city, and 550 road km NNE of Perth. It is easily accessible by roads and tracks, such as through the sealed Geraldton-Mt. Magnet Road.

The local geology shows the leases are cut through by the Cundimurra Shear Zone and its splays, where most mineralization in the area occurs. These are also located on the contact between granite on the east and older volcanic rocks on the west and contain a high magnetic anomaly. Overall, these present favorable conditions for the formation and concentration of gold deposits.

Recommended Prospecting Activities
Preliminary survey of the area shows “salt and pepper” texture of the ground which is a good initial indication for prospecting gold. Locate areas with abundant quartz floats, sub-cropping quartz veins, and altered rocks. Locate on and near the location of shear zone and splays.

Recommended Exploration Activities
Conduct gridded soil sampling campaigns to find targets, structural mapping, and sub-crop / outcrop sampling to locate further extensions and splays, primary gold sources, and potential alluvial areas. Conduct drilling to intersect subsurface contact of rocks.

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