Gold Prospecting Lease - Mount Magnet


Price - $11,997

Granted Mining Tenement P 58/1970 is 197 Ha 

Lease is located on the prospective Meekatharra Greenstone belt which strikes in a North-South direction, and runs through Mount Magnet.

There is a good contact between the greenstones and the granites which will be prospective for gold, there are also a series of North-South striking granitic styles veins through the greenstone rock located in the west of the tenement which will also be prospective for gold.

Lease is suited for detecting, or small scaling mining like pushing, scraping or dryblowing or other exploration activities like soil sampling and drilling.

Summary & Recommendations

The Prospecting Licence is lcoated in the prospective 'Meekatharra Greenstone Belt' with small scale gold mines and gold prospects to the east; these mines are located on the greenstone rocks and associated shearing. The lease contains an area of greenstone in the north-west corner, which contains north-south granitic veins, and the contact of the granites to the south all provide very good prospectivity for gold mineralisation.

The geological data suggests that this area displays all the right indicators to host favourable gold mineralisation potential. The lease has been visited with photographic evidence provided below that shows the prospectivity of the ground.

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