Sandstone Gold Opportunity


Price - $17,500 each

Granted Mining Tenement P 57/1526 is 198HA

Remarkable Magnetic Anomaly: An indicator of potential mineral deposits

Rich Geological Diversity: The presence of abundant quartz floats with sub-cropping quartz veins and volcanic rocks.

Located on the eastern edge of the highly prospective Youanmi Greenstone Belt, which hosts a large number of gold deposits and operating and abandoned gold workings to the West


The Prospecting Licences P57/1526 are located on the eastern contact between the very prospective ‘Youanmi Greenstone Belt’ and the granites further to the east. There is a substantial raft of greenstone rocks located in the southern portion of the leases; this is confirmed by 100k geological mapping and geophysical magnetic imagery data.

The geological mapping confirms the presence of quartz veining outcropping at surface, with substantial areas of ground containing quartz and greenstone float material. The reconnaissance photos as seen above do confirm and ground truth what the geological maps and geophysical data suggest, and provide evidence that this area shows all the right indicators that it could host very good gold mineralisation potential. Greenstone belt rafts close to granites in conjunction with faults and shearing provide ideal conditions for mineralising gold bearing fluids to be emplaced into the bedrock; this lease area has the hallmarks for this to occur.

The Youanmi Greenstone Belt is the host of many reported gold discoveries, including the Montague mining area – and confirms that the ground holding is highly favourable for gold mineralisation.

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