Yalgoo/Gullewa Gold Opportunity


Price: $17,500

Granted Mining Tenement P 59/2380 is 199HA 

Good magnetics

55km Before Yalgoo - Only 4.5 hours from Perth

Unexplored greenstone on the lease

Large lease size which gives you heaps of opportunity

The current Prospecting License P 59/2380 tenement is situated within the Yalgoo Goldfield, a historically significant gold mining area in Western Australia. The lease is located within the Shire of Yalgoo in the Mid-West Region, approximately 235 road km east of the Geraldton port city and 425 road km NNE of Perth. It is easily accessible by roads and tracks, such as through the sealed MorawaYalgoo Road. 

The local geology shows the lease is within the Gullewa Greenstone Belt which hosts the Deflector Mine deposit and several gold deposits and abandoned gold workings located immediately to the east and to the south. The monzogranite on the north contains numerous porphyries and/or pegmatite dykes and is cut by NE-trending shears, where several nearby gold prospects are also closely related. 

The lease is on prospective grounds as it hosts the same bedrock geology, similar NE-SW striking faults.

In close proximity are several mine locations including the Monarch open pit, Shannadoah and Shannadoah South-East workings, Michelangelo open pit, Rock Steady open pit, the Mugga King and Mugga Queen workings. About 12 km east is the Golden Stream and Deflector open pits. Drainage within the lease is from west to east, which will be prospective traps for alluvial nugget gold. Breakaways and changes in topography down to the creek lines are also good prospecting sites.

The geology of the Yalgoo Goldfield is characterized by a mix of Archean and Proterozoic rocks, which host several gold deposits. Gold mineralization is typically found in quartz veins and shears. The local geology shows that the southern part of the lease is within this east-northeast-trending Archean sequence of the Gullewa Greenstone Belt, which hosts the Deflector Mine and several closed or
abandoned open pit gold mines to the east and to the south. NE shears splaying from the Salt River Fault, a major north-south fault 15 km to the east, appears to control much of the gold mineralization in the belt. 

Previous exploration results in the Mugga-Mugga and Gullewa area showed gossanous greenstone (rocks containing rust-colored minerals that may serve as a clue to subsurface ore deposits), mafic volcanics with disseminated sulfide, and exposed quartz veins and porphyry dykes. 

The northern part of the lease is composed of monzogranites that contain numerous porphyries and/or pegmatite dykes and are cut by NE-trending shears, where several nearby gold prospects are also closely related. A dyke interpreted from aeromagnetic data is located within the lease.

The greenstone belt also contains an interflow of shales and banded iron formations (BIF) unconformably overlain by graphitic sediments. Pisolite iron mineralization has been observed, signifying its iron ore potential. 

Hallberg (2006) noted that only 15% of the Gullewa Belt outcrops. The remaining is covered by a barren blanket of recent sediments or silcrete capping, wherein standard surface prospecting techniques would not work. Several exploration works have been done on adjacent areas, but there is a lack of prospecting or exploration activities within the lease boundaries.

A more detailed lithologic and structural mapping of at least 1:10,000 scale within the lease is recommended if outcrops occur. Additionally, there is an extensive magnetic database available that can be used to generate detailed structural interpretation for further surveying and direct drilling. 

As banded iron formations are prevalent in the area, previous exploration reports can also be used as a basis for planning future exploration and investigation of its iron ore potential. 

Preliminary survey of the area shows “salt and pepper” texture of the ground. If floats are from quartz veins and iron-rich rocks in the area, this is a good initial indication for prospecting gold.

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